Image by Matt Hardy


Since 2014 we have been passionate about soap-making, which has also led to the creation of other bath products.  When we first started we wanted to create ocean-friendly cruelty free products which are reasonably priced and accessible to all.  We researched and tested (and continue to) ingredients literally from our kitchen table to our workshop.  We are a family run business where we all contribute ideas and all have the same goal to promote sustainability and  support charities where we can. The first or our charities we wanted to support is Born Free.  You will find more information about this amazing charity on our Home Page with links to their website. 

Our company is based in Carmarthenshire where we are lucky enough to call the beautiful coastline home.  We have had a long journey getting to where we are now and do our best to continually improve our products.

We have listened to friends, family and colleagues who have told us about their choices when buying bath and body products, what works for them, the different skin types and issues they have.  We strive to offer a variety of products that not only suit a certain skin type, but that also helps to nourish and help to alleviate any problems.


We believe our customers play an important role and welcome any feedback which we take into consideration when developing new recipes.  We hope you enjoy our products and join us on our voyage promoting health skin and a healthy planet.

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