We care about sustainability and the environment. Therefore all ingredients used are naturally sourced using only the best quality ingredients.

We are dedicated to crafting beautiful high-quality products, all 100% natural and handmade

We are nothing if we do not try and look after our beautiful planet, so are committed in creating sustainable, zero-waste products.

All products have cruelty-free certification, meaning that there was absolutely no animal testing done at any stage of our product development.

We care about sustainability and the environment.

Our packaging and products do, too.

Rose Clay Spa Kit 

£  3 5 . 0 0

100% organic & cruelty-free. 300 G 



1 x Bath Soak

1 x Votive Candle

1 x Bamboo Bag

1 x Soap Dish

1 x Exfoliating Cushion

1 x 60ml Moisturiser 

3 x Resuable Cotton Pads

1 x Rose Clay Soap

1 x Rose Salt Bar

Gift Box with packaging & resealable ribbon

Benefits & How to use

Why Choose the Coastal Soap Company

At The Coastal Soap Company, we create and produce soaps in accordance with UK Regulations.  We offer a variety of bathroom essentials & soaps to suit all skin types for all uses, such as hand soaps, fragrant shower soaps, facial soaps, etc.

We develop our products using carefully researched paraben-free ingredients. All products are made in accordance with UK regulations. We use recyclable/biodegradable packaging and ensure our consumables and packaging used by us are recycled responsibly or reused. Our product range is plant-based & cruelty-free!!